Timekeeping in the former East Germany

Ruhla Autouhren / Ruhla Car Clocks

Motoring in the DDR

Motoring in the DDR

With increasing car use in the GDR, mainly Trabants, Wartburgs and Barkas vehicles, UMF Ruhla produced a range of products for use in the car. Car clocks had long been produced by Gebrüder Thiel before the war and this was continued under state ownership in the post war era.

Also used in motorsport were Ruhla stopwatches. Below are photos of a Ruhla Quartz Stop Watch Calibre 87 being used in time trials in the Seelow Rally in 1983.

Motoring in the GDR – Swedish TV programme with useful tips on motoring in the GDR from 1985.


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