Timekeeping in the former East Germany


Ostalgie – Ruhla Watches of the former East Germany (DDR)

Ruhla watches and clocks made in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) from 1952 to 1991.

For a short history of Ruhla watches, see Short History of Ruhla Watches and Gebrüder Thiel GbmH

Updated November 2016 –Watches 12

Added August 2016  – Watches 12 and Updated Ruhla in the life of East German Citizens 3

Updated May 2016 – Watches 11 and Pocket and Stop Watches

Added January 2016 – Ruhla in the Life of East German Citizens 3 and Ruhla Clocks 5

Added November 2015 – Watches 11 and updated Clocks 4

Updated October 2015 – Ruhla and the Kosmos – additional photos and Ruhla in the life of East German Citizens

Updated Sept 2015 – Article on the automisation of the Ruhla Calibre 24 – Neue Berliner Illustrierte 50/76 – Die Uhr aus dem Automaten (week 50, 1976),

Added July 2015- Thiel Brothers / UMF Ruhla – The London Connection and Ruhla Autouhren/Ruhla Car Clocks and Ruhla and the Nationale Volksarmee (NVA)


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