Timekeeping in the former East Germany


Ostalgie – Ruhla Watches of the former East Germany (DDR)

Ruhla watches and clocks made in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) from 1952 to 1991 and Thiel watches made prior to 1952. For a short history of Ruhla watches, see Short History of Ruhla Watches and Gebrüder Thiel GbmH

April 2019 – Updated Ruhla in the life of East German Citizens 4 and NEW Ruhla Watch and Clock Museum

March 2019 – Updated Watches 15 and  Ruhla – The Order of Karl-Marx

January 2019 – NEW Ruhla in the life of East German Citizens 4  and Updated Watches 15

December 2018 – NEW Watches 15Ruhla and the 10th World Youth Festival 1973  Updated  Ruhla – 1960s,  Ruhla -1970s and Ruhla – 1980s

October 2018 – Updated Clocks 6, Watches 14,  Ruhla – 1960s,  Ruhla -1970s and Ruhla – 1980s

August 2018 – Updated Watches 14, Ruhla -1970s and Ruhla – 1980s

June 2018 – Updated Watches 14


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