Timekeeping in the former East Germany

Ruhla in Film

Goodbye Lenin!

This film is a tragicomedy dealing with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of East Germany and its effect on Alex and his staunch socialist mother who has a heart attack on witnessing her son’s arrest on a protest march. The film follows Alex’s attempts to keep the end of communism from his mother after she emerges from an eight month coma. He seeks to recreate the old East Germany within the confines of their small flat. The charade leads to ever more lies to maintain the deception.


“Peers” 1959 Mosfilm

Сверстницы (мелодрама, реж. Василий Ордынский, 1959 г.)

Melodrama by Vasily Orda “Peers”

Svetalana at the watch factory – Peers 1959 Mosfilm

The fate of three school friends is different: the serious Tanya goes to medical school, the beautiful Kira chooses the theater, and carefree Svetlana,

having failed in her exams, goes to work at the watch factory. Each of the three girls meets their first love, but Tanya and Kira do not realise that they are in love with the same man …

In the film Svetlana who goes to work at one of the Moscow watch factories uses a Thiel 69 alarm clock. This was produced in the early 1950s when the Thiel factory was under Soviet control (Avtolvelo) and before the name change to UMF Ruhla.

This is the Thiel 69 alarm clock from the film.








“Mimino” Мимино1977 Mosfilm

Comedy by by Soviet director Georgiy Daneliya produced by Mosfilm and Gruziya-film,

A rural helicopter pilot flying between remote villages dreams of piloting international airliners and fulfils his dream by going to Moscow. Mimino (the pilot’s nickname) meets a truck driver who is billeted at his hotel in Moscow by mistake. They form a friendship and have adventures in Moscow. Finally, Mimino becomes homesick and returns to his home town and to flying helicopters.

Mimino is hard up for money and tries to sell his Ruhla watch to two young Soviet Army soldiers at the airport.


Мимино (Mimino) 1977







Mimimo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4k2LNPRV-0

2 responses

  1. Ruslan

    Soviet popular film «Mimino»! Ruhla? See link

    September 1, 2020 at 3:08 am

    • Hi Ruslan,

      I think you are correct. Well spotted! Thanks.

      I will add this film to the Ruhla in Film page.


      September 1, 2020 at 1:39 pm

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