Timekeeping in the former East Germany

Ruhla – Hero of Labour of the GDR

Hero of Labour of the GDR Medal

Hero of Labour of the GDR Medal

The honorary title of Hero of Labour (Held der Arbeit) was a nationally awarded medal of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The title was inaugurated on 19 April 1950 and was last awarded in 1989. The medal was originally limited to 50 awards per year although this was expanded later. Recipients of the award were also given a financial reward of up to 10,000 GDR Marks.

The award of Hero of Labour was awarded for pioneering actions in the development and victory of socialism in the economy. It was particularly awarded for deeds in industry, agriculture, transport or trade or scientific discoveries or technological inventions.

During the time of the GDR, several workers from the UMF Ruhla Watch Factory were awarded the Hero of Labour medal:-

Ruhla Watch and Machine Works recipients of the Hero of Labour Medal

Year/Medal No. Date Surname, Title Firstname, Work Title
69/28 07.10. Wedler, Dr. Heinz Generaldirektor VEB Uhrenkombinat Ruhla
84/147 07.10. Döring, Ernestine Justiererin VEB Uhrenwerke Ruhla, Betriebsteil Apolda
84/251 07.10. Gorlt, Reno Brigadier VEB Uhrenwerk Ruhla, Service-Zentrum Berlin
84/521 07.10. Luther, Dr. Helmut Betriebsdirektor VEB Uhrenwerke Ruhla
86/32 07.10. Hofmann, Kurt Betriebsteilleiter VEB Uhrenwerke Ruhla




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